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OWS Auto parts is an extension of MZ Holdings and was founded in Delaware USA. OWS is backed by MZ Holdings’ 32 years of automotive strength and support. Today OWS operates from 5 Key locations in the world and has a very large network of suppliers and customers.

OWS today employs over 150 employees and has a very strong back office operating the very robust businesses for OWS and its partners.

OWS AUTO PARTS is an American company that has now been established in the United Arab Emirates. The decision was made to revolutionize the civilian auto parts market in the MENA market by introducing the concept of Remanufacturing to a region plagued with inferior quality and often times out right imitation auto parts. The citizens of this region need and deserve a supplier that will provide them with the same and better quality of the Original Equipment Manufacturers at a reasonable price. OWS has always maintained the highest standards of integrity and honesty instilled in the very fiber of our company by our founder. And that is why OWS is a name you can trust.


Automotive Retailer, Remanufacturing, and Automotive Wholesaler

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