Я хочу тут работать



are a young, ambitious, and free minds joint together for the big idea. We are building strong brands for those like us.

For those, who drive their own lives, who love to live, who live with fun, who eager to learn and who crazy enough. 

There is no place for factitious people, for hipsters, and hype seekers. We are strangers, individuals and we are free.

We operate with key principles, which are not only the words, but the way we solve problems, we make deals and finding partners. 

1. Accountability. We are accountable to our business, results, customers and partners. We do all our best to make business opened, mutual and successfull. 

2. Open-minded. We do believe we can change the world and people around us. We believe there are no boarders and no restrictions to do successfull, fair and creative business

3. Diversity and respect. We believe in different people, cultures and mindsets. The key is to be patient, respective and collaborative.

4. Freedom. We do our business for profit, which makes us and our employees free. Money helps us to feel confident in the next day develop new products, do the best designs for customers. 

5. Fun. Business makes sense only when it is done with pleasure and fun. We do not like nerds, we want to make money with smiles, energy and fun

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