RedWood Private Equity 


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RedWood Private Equity 

Russian Private Equity Sector Pioneer
There are very few companies, operating in Private Equity sector in Russia. RedWood Private Equity is one of the pioneers, which did a lot to promote such a business to Russian and CIS countries market.

We orient globally to Emerging Markets world as the most interesting, rapidly developing markets, which still have brilliant opportunities to grow and develop their economies: from scientific research to industrial production.

RedWood Private Equity is the main company of the Group, which included also companies and activities, operating all over the world in sectors like:
  • Energy (oil, gas and electricity)
  • Mashinery Construction
  • Civil Construction
  • Railway
  • Mining
  • Leasing
  • Insurance
  • Commercial Banking
  • PR&Advertisement
  • Fashion
RedWood Private Equity operates as investment boutique, which will never grow to hundreds of people. We keen on effectiveness and efficiency in everything that we do, especially counting per one person. Working with Emerging Markets we have to be enough fast to catch the opportunities and working with Investment Funds we have to be maximally reliable to operate money funds from dozens of Institutional Investors working with RedWood Private Equity.
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